The People

In addition to being well-trained in technical and management areas, PMR Companies people participate enthusiastically in a true teamwork culture. PMR Companies objective is to recruit, train, motivate, and retain the best people in the industry by providing a positive work environment and rewarding long term career paths.

Performance incentives range from cash awards for earning of technical training certifications to recognition in the corporate newsletter to formal awards dinners. As a result of this comprehensive approach to human resources management, PMR Companies employees are better qualified through performance.

All employees are directly involved in the company’s goal setting process, and this is just the beginning of PMR Companies teamwork culture. At PMR Companies, teamwork is a proven means to outstanding performance in the marketplace. To manage occupancy rates effectively, for instance, the PMR Companies property manager, marketing and leasing consultants, and maintenance staff work as a team to acquire new tenants and retain existing ones at each location.

To bring new properties on-stream on schedule and within budget, PMR Companies and Property Management Resources, a subsidiary of PMR Companies, professionals work closely together to identify, acquire, stabilize, and renovate apartment properties and to turn them quickly into revenue producing profit centers.