PMR Teams

The PMR Team is a unique team with experience both individually and as a group.

The PMR Team through their long term relationship works together on all endeavors.

The PMR Team work hand in hand fomr the beginning of the process to closure.

The PMR Team while assembling the informatioon becomes intimate with the property, market and staffing. The appropriate business plan is put in place. There is careful consideration given to the process, selecting the right team and executing the plan within the timeline allocated.

Due to this unique relationship, decisions are made quickly, PMR aspires to achieve the goals of the owners, investors and lenders on each transaction. PMR focuses through its top notch management team to build relationships. PMR prides itself in hiring the right individuals to accomplish tasks; the corporate mission is to take carer of employees and they will succeed in taking care of the real estate.

Please contact any memberr of the PMR Team for further information.