PMR Companies LLC

PMR Companies LLC was formed in May 2002 with an assembled team of talented and experienced multi-family professionals. Over a three-year period PMR's talented staff has grown from 8 employees to 100 plus employees.

PMR Companies and Property Management Resource established a goal to 'Build Relationships'.

The PMR Team works hand-in-hand to provide the owners, investors and employees the results desired by each.

PMR is a team that can demonstrate

  • experience
  • leadership
  • organizational structure
  • market expertise
  • accounting/financial controls
  • development/training
  • technology/information system support

PMR Companies is the team to understand the goals you may have for your real estate and PMR possesses the resources to implement a plan and achieve.

PMR is uniquely qualified to exceed your need and requirements.

Company Profile

The core business of PMR Companies LLC are the redevelopment and operational turnaround of distressed and functionally obsolete multi-family residence properties and efficient and profitable long-term management of conventional multi-family properties.

PMR Companies has demonstrated that a carefully integrated sequence of strategic acquistion, smart redevelopment, and rigorous management can transform marginal multifamily properties into attractive residence environments with reliable long-term revenue streams.

PMR Companies implemented a focused strategic approach to its business:

  • To specialize in multi-family real estate and to become the best in the business.
  • To manage each and every property rigorously for long-term life cycle values.
  • To develop lasting partnerships with local community development leaderss and financial institutions.

Management Philosophy: Family-owned PMR Companies succeeds by focusing rigorously on back-to-basics management; by bringing quality, service, and style to every property it manages; by treating its tenants like customers; and by making a long term commitment to the communities it serves.

Management Systems: State-of-the-art automated management systems provide PMR Companies with highly detailed daily updates so that every aspect of the performance of every property is continously monitored and analyzed.

Professional Staff: The Company employs more than 100 people, including top notch professionals in management, human resources, finance, construction, and maintenance. PMR Companies recruits, trains, motivates and retains the best people available by providing rewarding long-term career paths for all employees.

Properties Profile: Apartment and multi-family properties owned and/or managed by PMR Companies LLC are typically 100 units or larger in size.

Community Relations: PMR Companies long-term commitment to the communities it serves builds lasting relationships.

History: Founded in 2002, PMR Companies has over 75 combined years of experience.