Property Receivership

PMR Companies is a Court Approved Receiver for many of the largest special service providers across the United States. PMR has multiple years of experience serving as a Court Appointed Receiver until the best course of action can be determined for a property. PMR recognizes the need to secure a property and its assets by protecting the records, accounts and income stream.

The services PMR Companies provide include;

  • PMR acts as a Third Party agent in control as an Officer of the Court
  • PMR’s team accounts for all income received and expenses incurred on a real time basis through the use of online management software.
  • PMR enhances property performance with experienced management and maintenance personnel to facilitate daily operations
  • PMR facilitates full review, bidding, and awarding of service contracts
  • PMR’s construction team will oversee the repair of deferred maintenance as well as capital improvements to prepare the asset for repositioning and/or disposition
  • PMR’s extensive receivership reporting can be easily conformed to meet the needs of the court and secured creditors
  • PMR has a proven record of accomplishing institutional requirements, reporting and property goals